Full Stack Engineering

Modern software is complex, often bringing together a wide range of technologies. We have experience across the stack, from low-level operating system kernel modules all the way to dynamic user interfaces, and everything in between.

Back End

Demanding applications require a robust foundation. We have built large scale back end systems incorporating today's best practices that allow the application to continue working, even in the event of an entire regional system outage.

Front End

Software is ultimately for us, the humans. It must be built in a way that delights its users and meets their needs. We have experience building best-in-class user interfaces, whether for desktop or web, using modern frameworks.

Compiled Languages

When you need the most performance, we are experienced with near-to-the-metal compiled languages such as the leading industry standard C++.

Scripting Languages

When rapid development is more important than raw performance, or when developing large scale cloud applications, we reach for higher-level scripting languages. Sometimes the best approach is even to embed a custom scripting runtime inside a larger native application - we've done that too.

Operating Systems

We love Unix/Linux. It forms the underpinning of nearly the entire internet for a reason. Our depth of experience allows us to build your applications for deployment in a variety of contexts, whether distributed to a customer, running in your own data center, or containerized for the cloud.

Whatever your project requires, we have the skills necessary to bring it to fruition, and the perspective to know what works best.

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